Why Was Dead Like Me Cancelled?

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Why Was Dead Like Me Cancelled?

‘Dead Like Me, is a comedy Drama that revolves around ‘Grip Reapers, that live in Seattle, Washington. The drama was made by Bryan Fuller for the Showtime Network. It was a story about ‘George, who died early in the story and was revived to be a grim reaper (One who escorts the soul to the after life, when they are about to die).

George was having problems with his family and their relationship didn’t get better even before she died. She dropped out of college and had a job at the ‘Happy Time Temporary Services, on where during her lunch break died due to an accident. Her family is having difficulty in dealing with her death. She on the other hand is having problems, adjusting to both her living and non living roles.

Their boss ‘Death, gives them a list on who is scheduled to die. Their jobs are to collect the souls assigned to them. If they were not able to do their roles, it could lead to dire consequences. Some of these are people dying due to actions of people that ‘should have died,.
The show was very unique and many viewers loved it. The main reason for the show to be cancelled was not due to the lack of viewers.

It was believed to be on the ‘lack of keeping talents, and probably due to the ‘pulling out, of Bryan Fuller on the show (due to creative differences). Many still believed that show should have not been cancelled and it held a promise.

People loved the show for its originality and creativity. Not to mention refreshing and lessons in life worth knowing. Fans of ‘Dead Like Me, is still asking on why the show was cancelled even to this day. Whether it’s because of tying up loose ends or whatnot, the public may not really know the reason behind it.

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    December 12, 2010 10:10 am

    Uh, George isn’t a guy so the sentence, “George was having problems with his family and their relationship didn’t get better even before she died,” means you fail complete.

    Have fun.


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