Why Was Deadwood Cancelled?

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Why Was Deadwood Cancelled?

A critically-acclaimed series and a recipient of various nominations and awards from Emmy Awards and Golden Globe have been called off after the airing of its third season. This has created major distraught and protests from fans of the series. It also has raised speculations as to why it has been cancelled.

Deadwood is an American drama series aired in HBO the prime cable network. Its setting is in Deadwood, South Dakota with an 1870 timeline theme. The series tackle historical truths, the interplay of issues on politics, violation, immigration, prostitution, race but the main plotline of the series is on how to bring order from chaos with all these issues that surrounds the characters of the story.

With all the hype and fame of Deadwood, the creator-writer-producer was disappointed for the turn of events as it was confirmed that the series will come to an end after the last episode of the third season. He had several meetings with HBO executives to discuss the fate of Deadwood. And as part of the finale of this series they agreed on making a two two-hour television films replacing the fourth season.

This news saddened fans which lead to making websites with save Deadwood protests. Signature campaign was launched by other fans who intended to cut off their subscription with the cable network if Deadwood would be cancelled. Flooding of emails went to HBOs offices just to appeal that the show should go on. But it seemed that the call went to deaf ears as it was firm on the decision on ending the show.

Several speculations were out as why a high rating series and at its peak on viewer ship ends. It was reported that HBO wanted to make economic and creative solutions although it wasn’t discussed blatantly. Some would say it was of financial cause as shooting Deadwood is expensive and would cost for about $4.5 million per episode with all the costumes, props and the set itself. Clearly HBO executives said that they don’t have any problems with its creator-writer David Milch with his working style as they believe in his quality and love of the craft. They even commissioned him for another series but also have fears that the quality of the new show would be affected by Deadwood. With these speculations you’d be the judge as why the show came to an end. But so to speak, the financial and economic aspects have a major effect in the whole production.

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  1. Sarah Hennessey

    May 20, 2014 5:12 pm

    I love deadwood. It was and still is my favorite show. I loved Calamity Jane, Joanie Stubbs,and Seth Bullock. Such a great show canceled for no apparent reason. SMH


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