Why Was England The First Country To Industrialize?

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Why Was England The First Country To Industrialize?

For the use of machines, for having a more systematized working environment and for living a comfortable life- we have England to thank for. In the 18th century, England started a movement that has opened doors for a lot of nation to progress and be civilized. England was then known as the ‘Workshop of the World.,

During the 18th century, England embarked on an Industrial Revolution which paved the way for making England as the first country to industrialize in the whole world. The Industrial Revolution was a movement to change the way of doing things from hands to machines with regards manufacturing. It was then branded as a revolution because it has inevitably changed the way people work and lived.

As England known for its agricultural strength, it has also transformed itself into an industrialized society as it offered large-scale manufacturing jobs aside from farming. These have opened doors for people to have jobs and not anymore solely depend on getting food from what they grow at their backyards. They get their basic needs through buying them in the market through the wages they receive from their jobs.

With all these that transpired, they considered England as to be the first nation to take off and have self-sustaining growth. The events that happened during the Industrial Revolution were widespread, as it moved across for the other parts in Europe and the United States. Other reasons that made England as the first country to industrialize for the reasons that it has an effective central bank and a well-developed credit market. The government of England, had only few restrictions and encouraged free market and technological change. There was also adequate supply of workers for factories that are in need, both benefiting the factories and the English people in general. It was then a win-win situation to change for an industrialized society.

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