Why was Enkidu created?

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Why was Enkidu created?

Enkidu is one of the most enduring characters of the Epic of Gilgamesh. This epic poetry originated from Mesopotamia and became the earliest known form of literature. Gilgamesh, who is the protagonist in the epic, was the fourth king of Uruk. This young ruler of the kingdom was deemed to the strongest; most powerful superhuman that ever existed. Being two-thirds god and one-third human, Gilgamesh was coated with arrogance and pride that he oppresses the people of his kingdom. The people asked for help to Goddess Aruru, the chief god of the city. And upon hearing their lamentations, she responded by creating a wild man.

This wild man was named Enkidu. Enkidu was created to answer the plea of the people, who suffered under Gilgamesh’s rule. Beautifully formed in the mind of Aruru, Enkidu was brought to life to be Gilgamesh’s equal and companion. Eliminating the concept of arrogance, pride and hostility, Enkidu, who was designed to emanate a strong desire for wholeness and camaraderie, was fashioned to be the mirror of Gilgamesh. He was created for Gilgamesh to learn the essence of friendship, trust, courage and fidelity. The creation of Enkidu was for Gilgamesh to be disciplined and helped on how it is to become a whole person.

Despite the fierce initial encounter of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, there were drawn together by reciprocal feelings of respect and yearn for companionship. This led the two to become the best of friends. And from that time on, they faced battles and conquests together, teaching each other valuable lessons of courage and strength as well as friendship. The lasting friendship that was built between Gilgamesh and Enkidu was a significant indication that the goddess who created Enkidu was successful in answering the call of the people of Uruk.

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