Why was Evers Assassinated?

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Civil rights activist Medgar Evers.

Why was Evers Assassinated?

The birth of Medgar Evers happened in 1925, 2nd July in Decatur, Mississippi. Evers was associated with Mr. Howard in Mississippi, who was the president of Regional Council of Negro Leadership (RCNL) which is a self service organization. Association of Evers with the RCNL organization made him to train himself in activism.

Evers applied for law education in the University of Mississippi, Law school in 1954. When his application was rejected, Evers filed a case against the university. He strongly wanted for the segregation of the school by taking the help from NAACP. Eventually Evers became field secretary of NAACP at Mississippi. He was officially appointed as field secretary of Mississippi in 1954 November.

Later, Evers made him available in the boycott process against white merchants. Evers played a main role in abolishing racial segregation in the University of Mississippi which resulted in admitting a student called James Meredith in 1962. The admission of Meredith has created a chaos in the University premises and the active involvement of Evers made the whites to hate him a lot.

Few weeks before his assassination he was disliked very much regarding his interference in the murder case of Emmett Till. He was again targeted, as he acted as a vocal support for Clyde Kennard which made him to become a major Black leader. In 1963, on 28th of May, a cocktail was dropped into his car garage. Just few days before his assassination he was almost made to become victim of a car accident after he came out from NAACP office.

In the year 1963 and on the 12th June, Evers was killed. He was shot at his back by an Enfield 1917.303 rifle. He died after about 1 hour in a hospital. He was suspected to be murdered by Byron De La Beckwith, who was a sales man in fertilizer industry. He was also member of White citizens Council. He was evidently proved to have murdered Evers in 1994. He died in the prison in 2001 January.

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