Why Was Fort Sumter Important?

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Why Was Fort Sumter Important?

Fort Sumter has made a major historical event in the United States History. It is located at Charleston County in South Carolina. The Battle at Fort Sumter was the turning point of the bloodiest American Civil War that made this acquisition very important in US History.

Before the inauguration of President Lincoln in March 4, 1861, there was already a conflict that leads to several states in the south to adopt ordinances that declares secession from the Union. South Carolina was part of the seven southern states who wanted to separate from the Union and considered themselves as part of the Confederate States of America who adopted provisions of a temporary constitution which considers Montgomery, Alabama as its capital. In February of the same year, a pre-war conference peace conference was done to convince other states to join the confederacy but the confederate didn’t get a nod from the remaining states of the Union. This event leads the confederate to seize all the federal forts within the territories and boundaries of the southern states. Since the Fort Sumter is situated in Charleston, South Carolina seizing it was also part of greater moves for the confederate. The Fort Sumter was also known as the strongest fortress in the world considering its structure.

During the inaugural address of President Lincoln in his institution as president of the United States, he stated that he is into moving for making a perfect union and that he does not wish to invade the South. Representatives were then sent to Washington DC to pay federal properties and offer a peace treaty to the United States. But President Lincoln rejected the offer and negotiations because the confederate is not a legal or legitimate government and granting them a treaty would mean recognizing them as a sovereign government.

With all these, South Carolina was even more determined to be in control with Fort Sumter as it is geographically part of their location. Although it was considered as the strongest fortress but the place was only garrisoned by only one strong leader and a few men with less supplies in food and ammunition, making them outgunned and outnumbered. The surrender of the fort was bloodless but as the Union surrendered it to the confederates, it marked the start of a long bloody civil war that transpired for four years.

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