Why was George Washington important?

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George Washington is called as the ‘Father of United States, as he played an important role in fighting for United States of America. Washington led the colonial forces in the revolutionary war. He is considered an important person in the history of United States as he helped to gain 13 colonies independent from the British. He was popular for his perseverance and determination.

Washington was an efficient General of the Army. There was a time when the soldiers were not paid by the congress and the soldiers rebelled against the congress. Washington as the General of Army encouraged them and convinced them that the nation needs their help in fighting. He also said that he himself will not take the pay until they win the war. The soldiers could understand the importance of the war at that time and did not talk about revolution any more.

As an individual, Washington is a man with great manners and humility. The country people wanted to see him as a King, but he wanted to show a different kind of government to the people. The country elected Washington as their President in the year 1789. George Washington was elected unanimously. Washington served the country for two terms which is for 8 years. When the people wanted to see him as President for the third term, he was not interested and returned to look after the plantation in his native land.

After sometime he returned to join as the commander in chief of the Army. He worked as Chief of Army from 1775 to 1783. Washington believed in strong federal government and could establish it for the period of eight years during his tenure. Washington could suppress the Whiskey rebellion in 1794. He sent troops to Pennsylvania farmers to convince them as they were not ready to pay the taxes. He proclaimed the Neutrality in 1793, which stated that US would be impartial towards aggressive powers who were participating in the war. His idea of neutrality was shown again in 1796 during his farewell address when he insisted to be careful with foreign entanglements. This message for security became a part of American political landscape.

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