Why Was Georgia Founded?

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Why Was Georgia Founded?

The famous founder of the state of Georgia was James Oglethorpe. His main goal of founding this state was to help a lot of people in England who were facing a lot of ordeals and trial because of their numerous credits from one person or company to the other. These people practically have no place to call their own, no homes to lay their tired bodies, no land to till, no money to pay for their debts, no property to cherish and make them secure, in a word they were poor, hopeless nomads. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of Mr. Oglethorpe who made the impossible possible to happen.
He made a great thing become a reality and this for sure made those poor people truly happy as they will now have a place to go and grow their respective families. This land was called Georgia, one famous state of the United states of America.

It was in 1733. The day when Mr. James, the legendary founder of Georgia finally ended the long years of struggle of those soon to be dwellers of this state. He for certain was thanked endlessly by those desperate people who finally found hope and joy and reason to celebrate in their new world, new land, and new life. Hence, these people who finally started to make a living out of their new lands started to smile and build their respective lives and families in this state of Georgia.

As we all know people who lived in this state were very hardworking indeed. They helped one another in rebuilding their lives by collectively putting all their efforts in agriculture and other forms of livelihood. Few centuries later, Georgia earned a respect that they deserve not only in the entire USA but of the entire world. Viva Georgia!

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