Why was Hippa Created?

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HIPPA, which stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was implemented in 2003. The reason for this act was to help people who may have lost their job. It was also designed to help people who are between jobs. HIPPA allows people who are in between jobs to still have access to quality health care. Often times when someone is in between jobs they found it impossible to be able to file medical claims, this is one of the reason that HIPPA was created.

Another reason that HIPPA was created was to help protect people as well. HIPPA was designed to help protect the private health care information. HIPPA designed a uniformed way that one was able to gain medical information. This helps to protect the consumer and makes sure that people who should not be getting your health care information, cannot easily achieve it. In the past it was pretty easy to get information about your personal health care, and thanks to HIPPA it is now much stricter.

HIPPA has helped many people who are in between jobs stay on track when it comes to health. If you are in the process of changing jobs and have a medical condition, say for example you have high blood pressure. When you switch to the new medical insurance, with HIPPA in place, there is no chance of them denying your claim. Often times in the past if one had a pre- existing medical condition, say high blood pressure, the new insurance could choose not to cover the claim. What this means was that if you need to take medication for your high blood pressure and switched job, in the past there was a chance that your new health care provider could deny that claim. Today, thanks to HIPPA being able to have access to quality health care is much easier.

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