Why Was Hitler So Evil?


Why Was Hitler So Evil?

The name Adolf Hitler ultimately makes a mark in the world history for the leaders that have existed for the years have past. A lot of movies have themes of events that have happened during the time of Adolf Hitler. These depicted on war, cruelty and the cry for liberation.

Before we answer, why Hitler is so evil, let us get to know the man and his roots before he became the toughest leader of all times. Adolf Hitler is an Austrian-German born in April 20 1889. As a child they moved from one place to another because of the work of his father. His early years recalled in the book he has written- Mein Kampf, he tirelessly enjoy playing with cowboys and Indian and he has passion in things that are related to war and soldiering after he found a picture book the Franco-Prussian War in his father’s belongings.

Hitler has grown to be more close to his mother that his father as his father was said to be authoritarian. Hitler defies his father most of the time and even confessed that he had failing grades in the technical school that he was forced to enroll in by his father. As the young Hitler rebel on his father, his obsession for German Nationalism grew because he knew that his father was a known to be loyal to the Austrian government. He learned the German language and continued on having a disruptive behavior even after his father’s death.

Years had passed and he even ventured into studying architecture. But his idealism was also influenced by Martin Luther’s beliefs as he is known to be a great statesman, a great warrior and reformer. During these times he also experienced various rejections from the Jews and the death of his mother because of breast cancer are milestones in his lives that spurred the creation of the monster in him. During World War 1 he enlisted himself as a Bavarian Army and all the rest is history in his way of becoming the greatest ruthless dictator in the whole world that has caused a lot of suffering and lives lost. Truly the beginnings and foundation of an individual would play a big part in molding his psyche. Experiences plus the choices of the person would equal to the kind of person he is- be it good or evil.

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