Why Was It Called The Cold War?

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Why Was It Called The Cold War?

No fight, no weapons, no conditions, just silence. This war is labeled among liberal parties and communist who uses high intelligences in an attack. They make us of their tactics and spying techniques to learn from an enemy. It is called the cold war since both sides have not fought or neither made peace. None of both sides retreated but none also attacked. No one arranged for peace and no one assaulted either.

It is a silent tension between both sides that is waiting and observing before attacking. They study each others techniques and styles and plan for an attack when it comes to the right time. Spying and learning weaknesses and strengthen to which they are weak and also slowly plotting attacks. Though fighting may not be officially seen, the tension is building much higher as time goes by. Since cold war is a silent war its taking so much time to be over. It is a war for a lifetime and that may cause even greater damages.

Cold war in its silence and length of time may be thought as forgotten or ignored. Its coldness may seem to be underestimated and interpret it as defeat. Although a war may not be officially acknowledged, it is said to be there. It’s a silent hatred that may burst in time. A cold war is much feared than war that is officially declared since in a cold war, you may not know when the opponent will attack. That’s when both sides even in silence are fired up with defense. Cold war freezes with time and melts when stimulated. It’s that time when the cold war becomes a world war. But even without a declaration of war, we can feel somehow that a cold war is present when both sides aren’t going well.

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