Why was John Lennon killed?

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The famous ‘Beatles, is an English rock band started in 1960, which was known for getting success commercially and was popular in music. John Lennon was the founder of ‘The Beatles,. He was an English musician who could get worldwide appreciation for his works. He was killed by Mark David Chapman on December 8th, 1980 in front of the building where he lived called ‘The Dakota, in New York City. He was shot soon after he returned from Record Plant Studio with his wife.

John Lennon was declared dead by the time he was brought to St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital center. He was cremated on December 10th, 1980. There are many stories that were talked about the killing of John Lennon. But, one of the reasons appears to be realistic in view of some evidences. Chapman was found to be influenced by the book ‘A catcher in the rye,. The story of the book gives an impression that young people are obsessed by the cultural pressures and are not free enough to behave in their own way. The cultural pressures are preventing the young people to live satisfactorily.

Chapman seems to have observed the cross in the necklace of John Lennon. John Lennon reminded him the ‘phony, character Holden in the book ‘A catcher in the rye,. Ã’šÃ‚ Though Chapman was reluctant in killing Lennon, the devil urged him to kill Lennon. Ã’šÃ‚ This was the story told by Chapman which probably may not be correct too. Chapman was known to have thought about himself as John Lennon and could not bear to see two of them living. So, he wanted to remove one from this world. He was found to have signed in a letter before leaving to New York as John Lennon and not with his name. Many people believed that Chapman was mad. John’s wife and son had a misconception that the government might have hired Chapman for killing John Lennon due to someÃ’šÃ‚  political problems that John had earlier. Several theories exist most of which seem to be ridiculous. Whatever may be the reason; Chapman accepted his guilt and is undergoing punishment.

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