Why was Kobayashi arrested?

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Why was Kobayashi arrested?

The Japanese contestant Takeru Kobayashi was arrested during his participation in Nathan’s hot dog eating competition. The eating organizers of this major league wanted him to sign a contract with them. Kobayashi refused to sign it and as a result was banned from the competition. He was prevented from participating in the July 4th 2010 contest of Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating at Coney Island. This was reported to have happened for the first time in the past ten years. The Major league in eating which monitors all the competitions of this kind was not happy with the decision of declining their contract by Kobayashi. Though Kobayashi won 6 titles sequentially from 2001 till 2006, he was banned from the contest. The organization immediately announced that Kobayashi will not be participating in this contest for the year 2010.

Kobayashi gave away his crown to an American in 2007 as he participated with his unhealthy jaw. He was not lucky to win the competition since then. He was ranked third in the World in this field. Kobayashi is known to possess the record for eating cow brain, rice balls, and lobster rolls. When Kobayashi was banned from the competition, he just rejected the ban on him and climbed on to the stage in rage. Later, he was pulled out by the Police. The reports say that Kobayashi has resisted the Police in arresting him, for violating and for denying the administration of government. He was found to have pulled the metal barricade catching it tightly in his hand when he was dragged by the Police. Kobayashi was found to have denied to the terms and conditions of the game by the authorities. When he was carried away by the Police officials, the fans of him as well as his rival Joey Chestnut were reported to have shouted at him. They seem to have told him that he should have accepted the terms and continued his participation. Some people in the crowd wanted the officials to allow him to compete.

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