Why was Louis XIV called the sun king?

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Louis XIV, also known as France’s Sun King, had the longest reign in all of European history. There is much speculation on to why he has been called the Sun King, and some would say it is due to the amount of accomplishments that he achieved during his reign of power. Of course others may call him this due to the fact that he chose the sun as his emblem and his symbol of power.

The sun is also associated with Apollo. Apollo was the god of peace and arts, and one could easily compare Louis XIV to Apollo when it comes to the arts. Louis XIV also brought peace, and fought to continue to bring peace. The king also had many solar habits, one could say. For instance his work habits and his ritual rising can also be compared to the actions of the sun. He chose the sun as his symbol and some believe that he may have thought his role of king of France was similar to role of the sun in the universe. That is a mighty big comparison to make, but this belief is thought to be one of the reasons why the Louis XIV called himself the sun king.

Many people have also called this sun king, the best king to ever serve. Perhaps it was the fact that he reigned for 72 years. Perhaps it was the fact that during his reign he helped to change France forever. While he was king, France became stabilized and also become one of the strongest powers in Europe. All of the things that have been said about the sun king are positive and glowing, perhaps another reason why he is called the sun king. Without the sun we cannot survive, and perhaps without the rule of Louis XIV, France would not have been able to survive during those times either.

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