Why Was Lucifer Cast Out Of Heaven?

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Why Was Lucifer Cast Out Of Heaven?

According to Bible scholars, Lucifer was cast out from heaven primarily due to his pride and selfish desire to be like God or even surpass God’s powers and might. Biblical experts agree in saying that before the creation of the world and everything, God created the angels and archangels to be with Him in heaven. They all lived wonderfully and happily in the presence of God, the almighty Himself.

It was noted by these Bible scholars that among the most intelligent, most cunning, most handsome, most favoured angel during that time were Lucifer. God was so pleased with Lucifer simply because of his well-endowed gifts and how used them for His glory. But due to pride everything in the course of heaven changed.

Lucifer did offend God by assuming that he is equal with God and thus he should not obey whatever rule God has for each of them. Soon, Lucifer convinced himself that in reality he could be far better than God simply because of all the traits that God has, he also possessed them.

This caused God to be angry and came up with a drastic decision of casting him away from heaven. Lucifer eventually lost all the good gifts that God has freely given him. As a consequence, Lucifer became the prince of evil deeds sowing anger and all other sins that will be committed by people and enhancing every soul to do exactly what he did to God, that is, to go against his will.

The effect of Lucifer’s sin and being cast away from heaven is something that we human beings do suffer nowadays. If you look around you, there are so many forces of the demon, forces of Lucifer trying to convince and bring more souls to go against God Himself.

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