Why was Massachusetts founded?

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Why was Massachusetts founded?

A group of English people wanted to establish a colony in 1607 at Northern Virginia region. A colony existed in today’s Maine and was named after the then leader George Popham. The settlers were discouraged and came back to England. The Pilgrims were the first group of English who colonized to settle in New England which is now called as Massachusetts. In September 1620, the pilgrims started from Plymouth to the New World on the ship called Mayflower. The ship had 102 people travelling on it which began the journey to live independently with religious freedom in America. These Pilgrims or Puritans got patent from London Virginia Company and they were funded by this company during their stay till they settled.

These Puritans sought the advice of those who were already settled in the New World to be guided for starting a new life in America. They took 66 days to travel in sea and reach the New England and their navigation was very difficult. They arrived and anchored at the edge of Cape Cod which is now called as Massachusetts. Before they landed on the shore they all prepared an agreement and signed it. They had an agreement called Mayflower Compact prepared for them to follow certain rules in order to form a new community. These rules served as official constitutional laws for Plymouth colony from 1620 November onwards from when it was signed.

The Pilgrims got introduced to the natives in the local region. They named the area near Plymouth Harbor as Plymouth. Most of the colonists died due to illness. They eventually met natives like Samoset, Squanto, and so on. Squanto lived along with the Pilgrims in that region and taught them several skills which helped them to live in the new place. After the Pilgrims reached Plymouth in 1628, the Puritans also entered Massachusetts and settled in Naumkeag. John Winthrop who followed Massachusetts Bay charter entered Massachusetts in 1630 and found Boston. Later in 1652 Maine and Plymouth colony were mixed with Massachusetts. It started as corporate colony and turned into Royal colony in 1691. In 1788, it was ratified into the United States constitution as 6th state.

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