Why Was Nato Formed?

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Why Was Nato Formed?

Nato or North Atlantic Treaty Organization was formally established and formed as a protection against future plans against the Soviet Union who might attack any county in the future. This agreement was logistically signed by the countries such as the US, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, France, great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Netherlands so as to make an alliance against the evil plot that the communist government of USSR may do against them in the near future. This indeed is one important move in the course of history simply because had it not been for the NATO, the European nations and other neighboring countries might be in great danger against the USSR.

All of the mentioned countries above who signed the NATO Treaty are in a way one in fighting against the USSR just in case they would try to attack any of these neighboring countries in one way or the other. This is at the same time a way out for these allied forces to combat the forces of the USSR knowing that they could possibly wage nuclear war or cast atomic bombs to their enemies.

The world therefore must be grateful to the proponents and authors of the NATO because they prevented the USSR from future world war. Thanks indeed to these brilliant minds that put stop to future damage caused by wars to the world. Many lives will surely be saved because of the NATO Treaty.

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