Why Was Nelson Mandela Imprisoned?

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Why Was Nelson Mandela Imprisoned?

He was forcefully imprisoned by the African state because of the suspension they have in view of Mandela to sabotage the government which eventually could have led to uprising and violence from the African civilians and hatred to the government. Nelson Mandela was adjudged as a terrorist and a great threat to the government’s aim of peace and unity. As far as the world is aware, everyone knows how morally upright Nelson Mandela is, and being a champion of freedom himself, his goal of sabotaging the rotten government is simply understandable, noble and acceptable.

However, because of the military junta and the illegalities in the African State, the entire world were surprised for the fate that happened to Nelson Mandela, namely, being imprisoned for his aspiration to transform and liberate the ailing nation due to the immoralities of the African State. His imprisonment however did not go to waste because the whole world supported him in view of his mission . The continual asking from various sectors of the globe for the African government to free Nelson Mandela became an issue that was both important morally, politically, socially and economically.

International support never run out as the African government put Nelson Mandela behind bars. He was one of the most controversial political prisoners that drew a lot of attention from the world. He attracted so much attention that sooner or later, the African government could do nothing else but free him from the prison wall. It was indeed an amazing experience for the world to see someone who fights for freedom and democracy finally won the first step of the process. Thanks to the media and the help of communication and technology that spread Mandela’s imprisonment like a wild fire throughout the whole world and even until now this event will always remain in our hearts and minds.

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