Why Was Obama Elected?


Why Was Obama Elected?

Economists, sociologists and political analysts have one contention and belief that the most basic reasons why Obama got elected as the first African American black president include the following: First, the people were tired and sick with the Clinton scandalous presidency. Almost all of the Americans lost their hope with Bill Clinton after he was almost impeached by both the senate and the congress. This factor made the Americans vow that in the next presidential election, they will surely elect someone who is totally different with and from Bill Clinton, someone who the ability to bring their dreams has become realities.

The second most important reason why Barrack Obama got elected as the president of the United States of America was due to his well established platform despite of his color and young age. He was elected as one of the most regarded governor and senator due to his speaking prowess, intelligence and keen desire with almost anything in terms of economics and political reforms. He in short is oozing with so much charisma.

The third practical reason why he was elected was due to the outpouring support of people all around the world, most especially via the internet and the World Wide Web. The youth in particular swooned into Obama’s websites expressing to him all of their support. This made a super great impact towards the successful election of Obama himself.

This almost messianic phenomenon of Barrack Obama’s election paved the way for us around the world to think and really confirm that true democracy, in the real sense of the word can surely be seen in these people like the Americans who set aside discrimination for the sake of the common good. They made us really thank and happy for the gift of democracy which they shared with us.

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  1. Daniel

    June 5, 2016 9:58 pm

    Why would Bill Clinton have to do with anything? George W. Bush was elected before Obama.


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