Why Was OSHA Created?

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Why Was OSHA Created?

OSHA or occupational safety and health administration is a subdivision of the United States’ department of labor. It strictly build up standards that protects worker’s right as well as to eliminate injuries and death risks in workplace. It was created during 1970’s as an answer to the increase in death and injury rates of on-the-job employees.

This is also the main reason why OSHA was created. It sounds very advantageous for almost all of the employees especially for the ones that are working in the field. These individuals are probably the field engineers, drivers, contractors, heavy equipment operators and the like.

According to various research and records, there are approximately four hundred thousand workers died on the job in the United States from 1935 to 1960 as well as there are millions of employees who suffer from severe injuries during work. This urges employee’s unions to submit proposals and request for necessary actions that have to be practice to reduce accidents that cause injuries and death to employees.

But, unfortunately these requests and proposals are not answered. Its good thing that in 1970 the OSH Act that is also common as the Williams-Steiger Act was formed in 1970. It had developed new organizations and rules that are advantageous to both the employers and the employees. These actions had proved to be the best way out to accidents that causes physical injuries and death.

These days, the roles of OSHA are primarily one of the enforcement and omission. This organization carries out unsystematic inspections to most workplaces as well as construction sites. Its purpose is of course to check for the compliance of the standards that is set by the OSHA. If by chance, problems are found then the organizations provide consequences or credentials that will help the employers correct the issue.

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