Why was Outlaw cancelled?

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Why was Outlaw cancelled?

Starred by Jimmy Smits as Cyrus Garza, Outlaw is an American TV series that was launched last September 15, 2010 and runs for an hour every Friday. This TV series was produced by Conaco Productions for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) after America’s Got Talent latest season ended. The plot of the series focuses on Cyrus Garza who is a Supreme Court Justice. However, because of the injustices that exist, he decided to step from being a Supreme Court Justice and decided to run his own law firm to fight against the injustices.

Despite the fact that it was just recently launched, NBC sadly decided to cute the show short. National Broadcasting Company explained the reason for its cancellation. When the show was initially aired in place of America’s Got Talent show, it only attracted an average number of viewers making its rating considerably low. As the show ran for several weeks at its scheduled time slot, NBC saw that Outlaw’s rating was getting worse from one episode to the next. NBC claimed that even though the show was lined with other Friday night shows, Outlaw remained to garner low ratings with only 4.1 million viewers which give an average rating of 0.9%. Because of this, a decision was made to cancel the show earlier than expected. However, the few remaining episodes were still aired until the 15th of November to give the show a justifiable finish.

Now that the show was abolished, NBC decided to prolong the airing time of one of its show, Dateline. This is to make up for the time, supposedly allotted for the show Outlaw to air. Despite the show’s sad ending, lead actor, Jimmy Smits, was reported have appeared in small hit shows like The West Wing, and LA Law.

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