Why was Owen Wilson uncredited in Night at the Museum?

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Why was Owen Wilson uncredited in Night at the Museum?

Owen Cunningham Wilson is an Irish American actor, writer and comedian. First appeared in the movie Bottle Rocket, which he also participated in the writing the film, Owen Wilson became easily recognized with his white, wind-blown hair and unmistakably warped nose. After his initial film, his career started hiking as he appeared in high-cost production movies like that in the move The Cable Guy, where he portrayed as the lead actress’s date. This movie paved way for Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller, producer of the movie, to be the best of friends. After this movie was released, the two started doing other movies together as well as appearing in their individual movies.

One of the box-office hit movies that Owen Wilson participated in was the recently released Night at the Museum, which starred Ben Stiller. Produced by 20th Century Fox, t he Night at the Museum had a star studded cast. Aside from lead actor Ben Stiller, other famous actors and actresses also appeared in the movie like that of Amy Adams, Robin Williams, and Owen Wilson. However, Owen Wilson cannot be found in the credits at the end of the movie. His role as a cameo, Jedediah, was supposed to be a tiny part in the whole movie. Because of this, he agreed to making the movie unbilled and uncredited. Unexpectedly, his character was well-loved by the audience that he was given more attention and appearances during the movie’s sequel. He remained to be uncredited though.

Nevertheless, he was happy for being part of the movie and was glad that he was able to work again with his best friend, Ben Stiller. Their friendship must also be the reason why he accepted the movie without getting paid and credited.

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