Why was Pearl Harbor Important?

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Why was Pearl Harbor Important?

Pearl Harbor is also known as the base of the Pacific Fleet before the World War II. The place where Pearl Harbor lies is tactically vital since it cuts the distances from Japan, Philippines and the rest countries in the Pacific Island Groups and in the West Coast of United States. Bombing of this place is what leads the United States into World War II with the buddies in opposition to Japan, Italy, Axis Powers, and Germany.

Hence, typically it let the United States follow the Pacific Way by itself in opposition to Japan and was then supported fleets and warships in the conflict era. Whilst the United Sates supported France and Britain with its Atlantic Fleet, there are still very few of these two countries’ warships have come to the Pacific for help. Pearl Harbor is also considered as a symbol of what several people consider as a decisive disloyalty of one country to another, there are several people died due to sneak attacks.

Pearl Harbor is important because it became as the symbol of the sacrifices of several navies and armed forces as well as the marine personnel that are also present and are still entombed in USS Arizona. In fact it was always been visited by thousands of tourists every year to show their respect to dead people. There are mostly thousands of veterans died during the World War II that started from the betrayal of one country to another and it happens in the Pearl Harbor.

This is also one of the main reasons why this place is really very important especially to the United States. In fact, this place is known by several countries because it had created a concrete history that nothing can surely outreach. It is also one of the topics or lessons that students have to learn and study in their history subjects.

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