Why was Pennsylvania founded?

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Why was Pennsylvania founded?

Pennsylvania is jus t one among the 50 states of America. Surrounded by famous landmarks such as Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Canada, Maryland, Ohio and West Virginia, the state of Pennsylvania is one place that is marvelous to explore. With the growing economy from banking, agriculture and gambling, it ranks 6th in terms on gross state product. Encapsulated by mountains, plains and valleys, the variety of climate one can witness at the different regions of the state is absolutely a wonder to see. Along with rich culture and history, Pennsylvania continues to bloom and flourish.

Pennsylvania, also called Commonwealth has a rich, diverse history. Pennsylvania was founded when Charles II granted William Penn, a land charter. This land charter was a form of payment for the debt made of Ã’šÃ‚£16,000, which was owed to William Penn’s grandfather Admiral Penn. This land was then called Pennsylvania, which means Penn’s Woods, to honor Admiral Penn. But William Penn wanted to change the name Syvlania but the King Charles did not grant his request. Gladly though, Penn accepted the decision of the King, because a thought came into his mind that the people might protest and think that he changed the name after his. After all was settled, Penn established a colony that permitted freedom of religious conviction. He did this to protect himself along with his fellow Quakers from persecution. William Penn was a strong believer of his faith, which is Quakerism. Quakerism is a religious society that was formed in England when a religious turmoil erupted.

Today, the state of Pennsylvania continues to enjoy the liberty and freedom of being one of the most productive states in America. Along with that is the burning desire to continue the legacy that was once established by William Penn.

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