Why was Plymouth founded?

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Why was Plymouth founded?

Plymouth colony or otherwise called as New Plymouth was a British colony in North America. It existed between 1620 and 1691. Today, Plymouth colony forms the southeastern part of the State of Massachusetts. This colony played an important part in King Phillip’s War which is one of the oldest wars in India. Plymouth colony was invaded and occupied by Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691. Plymouth has a specific role in the History of America.

Plymouth colony was discovered by a group of people called as ‘Pilgrims,. Nearly 56 percent of the families were belonging to the group separated on religious basis. They were headed by John Robinson, William Brewster and William Bradford. When they were in the Scrooby town at Nottinghamshire, England they used to face the pressures of mistreatment based on the religion. Many people from the congregation were imprisoned. Later, the group of people moved from left England to Netherlands. They entered Amsterdam and then to Leiden in 1609.

The congregation was allowed to perform prayers as per their choice in Leiden. These people from Scrooby were actually agriculture based while Leiden is industrial center. Gradually their children started to learn Dutch language and the traditions as well as customs of Dutch. Even then this group did not become free of religious ill treatments of English in 1618. As William Brewster passed some criticism against King of England, his arrest was announced. But, Brewster escaped from England along with his people in the congregation and moved very far away from England.

In 1619, in the month of June this congregation denied to stay in New Netherlands as they wanted to avoid Dutch. They obtained a patent on land from London Virginia Company which gave them an opportunity to live at the mouth of Hudson River. They began to do business with merchants and made some profits. They started to work in America as soon as they reached here and were able to pay back their debts. The congregation started to navigate in two ships called Mayflower and Speedwell. These two ships after facing lots of hardships reached ultimately the port of Plymouth. Later, this place developed further.

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