Why Was Pushing Daisies Cancelled?

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Why Was Pushing Daisies Cancelled?

Pushing Daisies is about the story of Ned, a pie maker that has the power to bring the dead back to life. However there is a condition in his power. He cannot touch the revived person for the ‘second time, which will make them permanently dead (drop dead). He also used his power to revive his mother that died due to a disease. This is where he learned that his ability to revive the dead has restrictions.

This power has complications and the delicate balance that affects the living and non-living world is in place. When he revives someone or something from the dead, someone has to pay the price ‘in the living world,. The story continued until he opened up a restaurant that served baked goods. The restaurant was not doing well in the business and having problems financially. His power was discovered by a private investigator that goes by the name Emerson Cod. Together they track down the murderers with the help of the testimonies from the victims that died. The story was deemed to be very original and shows the viewers the importance of life and that is should be lived to the fullest.

The initial ratings were good but the viewership has decreased over the last few weeks. The series was forced to come to a halt due to lack of viewers. It was then given a second chance on May 2008. The network (ABC) didn’t produce new ones and decided to re-launch the previous episodes. The viewers (solid fans) still liked the charm of the series and continued to watch it.

In the end, the show still lacks the ability to gain more viewers which led to its downfall.
Pushing daisies had Even though the show is viewed to come to an untimely end, the fans still continued to watch it till the last episode.

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