Why was Queen Elizabeth Important to the Theatrical Community?

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During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, which was from 1558-1603, the world saw some major changes and many of these deals with her love for the arts and theater. Today this period is often referred to as the Golden Age and also now known as the Elizabethan Era. This was a remarkable time in history and saw the constant flow of new poets, music and of course William Shakespeare. In the past, prior to the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the poets and play wrights of the time were bounded by certain social norms and during this age and time period they broke free of those chains.

Queen Elizabeth had a passion for the theater and allowed the artists of that time to explore new ideas and to do tackle issues that once seemed impossible. Ã’šÃ‚ The very first commercial theater in England was constructed during the reign of Queen Elizabeth in 1567. Prior to the opening of the first commercial playhouse, one would see plays and poets on the streets and in small club style places, the queen had such a love for the arts and wanted the world to see them as well. By the end of her reign over 45 play houses were running and people were becoming more and more accepting of actors and playwrights. Queen Elizabeth also ensured that the admission to the local playhouses were affordable, and at a penny admission it became the cheapest form of entertainment. In the past, being able to view theater was seen more as a luxury and Queen Elizabeth made sure that access to the theater was not limited to the wealthy. The queen also had her hands in the written word as well, and her love of all things related to art help to change the world when it comes to theater.

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