Why Was Queen Mary Called Bloody Mary?

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Why Was Queen Mary Called Bloody Mary?

Queen Mary I, the beloved queen of the Christians of England and was considered as a notorious leader by the Protestants reigned from the years 1553-1558. She was the lovely daughter of Catherine of Aragon the second wife of King Henry VIII who got married to a devout Catholic named Philip II of Spain. Queen Mary I was likewise a faithful Catholic like her husband and mother Catherine of Aragon. As a devout Catholic, she did all her best to protect and fight for the teachings of the faith in view of Christianity.

When it was Mary’s turn to become the queen of the entire England, she restored the Roman Catholic Religion as the official religion of the country. England therefore became a fully Christian nation under her headship. With her husband Philip and Catholic advisers named Edward the bloody Bonner and Stephen Gardiner, they hold hands together in keeping the Catholic faith stronger. Those Protestants who were trying to put down the Catholic faith with their teachings and beliefs were silenced and mostly put to death through burning.

Mary resorted to mass murder and the shedding of a lot of blood from Protestants who were against her rule and those who go against its teachings. As a consequence, a lot of angry Protestants tagged Mary as bloody Mary, in response to the blood which was shed because of her tight ruling against those who will contradict the Catholic teachings.

Finally, it is interesting to note that Catholics on the other hand regarded Queen Mary not as a rude queen but a blessed and a generous one. Because of the feat she did in behalf and for all the Catholics not only in England but throughout the whole of Christendom. No wonder, the Church and the popes during and after her reign loved her so much.

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