Why Was Richard Nixon Impeached

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Why Was Richard Nixon Impeached

Richard Milhous Nixon was the 37th president of the United States of America. He was born in Yorba Linda, California and practiced Law at La Habra. He joined the United States navy and was able to become a Lieutenant Commander in World War II. He made a run on the position of the Vice President and became the youngest Vice President in the history of America.

He was the Vice President of former President Dwight D. Eisenhower and tried to run for the Presidency during the 1960’s. However, he lost by a close margin against John F. Kennedy. He also tried to run as the governor of California and lost once again. Everyone thought that he was through with politics with his second lost and was surprised that he ran for the presidency on 1968. This time, he was able to win against Hubert Humphrey and became the 37th President of America.

The impeachment case was believed to have started when five burglars infiltrated the Democratic National Committee inside Washington. They were discovered and were arrested by the police. The burglars said that it was Nixon’s plot so that he can be re-elected as president. The Whitehouse and President Nixon denied the accusations.

He was then reported to have commanded a group (Known as the Plumbers) that will try to get political intelligence to potential political enemies. They had attacked a psychiatric office that holds information on Daniel Ellsberg, the defense analyst who had leaked the famous ‘Pentagon Papers, to the Press.

The U.S Senate then established a committee to handle the recent Presidential activities and investigated the sabotage made on Nixon’s behalf. On July 27 1974, the Committee has charged President Nixon with obstructions of Justice and abuse of power that ultimately lead to the impeachment of his position as the President of the United States.

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  1. Nicolas Lempesis

    May 13, 2013 3:00 pm

    Nixon, first of all, impeded the Paris Peace talks by promising the South Vietnamese they would get a better deal from him. Although Johnson could not prove it at the time, it was a factor in his decision to not run in 1968. Nixon knew, when he took over, that the Vietnam war could not be won on the battlefield.

    Then the Pentagon Papers were published and Daniel Ellsberg was the one who leaked the info to the press. However, under the guise of stopping ‘leaks’ he went to Hoover and asked him to do some illegal acts for him. Hoover refused because he asked Nixon to put it in writing and Nixon refused to do so. So he turned to John Mitchell who turned to some campaign workers to come up with a plan….they finally formed what would be called the ‘plumbers’. These idiots then broke into Daniel Ellberg’s Doctors office but found nothing. From there they bugged the campaign offices of the Dems, twice, and got caught the second time.
    The coverup began the day the burglars were arrested, as the tapes later proved. However Nixon pushed for a peace treaty and finally forced the South to accept it. It was the same treaty that Johnson could have had in 1968 and the same treaty Nixon could have had at any point during his time in office. Many people to this day wonder why Kissenger accepted the Nobel prize for Peace.. or why he did not return it after 1975. He and Nixon are responsible for 33,000 dead Americans… those that died between 1968 and 1973..he was part of all Nixon’s actions.


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