Why was Roswell cancelled?

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Why was Roswell cancelled?

Roswell is television series based on science fiction. This series was produced by Jason Katims. This series started its debut in 1999, 6th October, on the WB and telecasted by UPN later in its third season. The last episode of this series was telecast on 14th May, 2002. Actually the foundation of the story in the series was given by a book called ‘Roswell High,. This book series was authored by Melinda Metz. Melinda later became the member in the television series staff as a writer.

The show was reported to have stopped being telecasted as the ratings were low for it. The Sci-Fi channel is planning to telecast again all the episodes of the show very soon. It is not clear when it will be done. In the United States, Roswell ended its good ratings by the second season itself on WB. In May 2001, WB cancelled this series due to its poor ratings. But, Fox television could manage united paramount Network to take over the show as package deal. UPN also could manage to outbid the WB’s popular show ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,. UPN could snatch away the Roswell show tactfully from WB. Roswell was aired after Buffy show every Tuesday night. The Roswell show could not win the hearts of the audience even after running its third season by the UPN. Ultimately it was cancelled.

Shiri Appleby, who played the role of Liz Parker in the Roswell show talked about this issue later. She was reported to have said that the writers of the story could not stick on to the basic story on Love which was shown in the first season. They seem to have diverted the story dealing with very much complicated fictional aspects of science in the second season.

Another reason for cancellation was that UPN could not afford to run both the shows Buffy and Roswell simultaneously. As they wanted to retain Roswell and stop the Buffy show, Josh Whedon, the director of this show did not allow them to do so. So they had to cancel Roswell ultimately. Some say that low ratings were just because of the negligence of the story writers. There is an opinion that some of the writers did not watch the show before they continued writing for the series.

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