Why was Santonio Holmes suspended?

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Why was Santonio Holmes suspended?

When you talk of American Football, the name Santonio Holmes will definitely ring a bell. Holmes is one of the famous players of National Football League. He spent his early years in Pittsburg Steelers and was named MVP during the Super Bowl XLIII in 2009. He is the sixth wide receiver to win the MVP. He is also responsible for giving the Steelers its 6th championship trophy after he caught a touchdown pass with only 35 seconds left of the game.

On April 2010, his original team traded him to New York Jets in exchange for a fifth-round pick in 2010 NFL Draft. This happened after the announcement of his four-game-suspension.
Holmes was suspended because he violated NFL’s substance abuse policy. He was still allowed to join in the team meetings and trainings but he was forbidden to play and without pay. He was not also allowed to join the Jet’s headquarters.

During his teenage years, Holmes admitted to selling drugs and possession of marijuana. His mother inspired him to play football that’s why he stopped taking drugs. However, the NFL suspension was not cleared whether the substance abuse policy he violated is due to his marijuana possession. He was also suspended by the Steelers for one game in 2008 for marijuana possession, too.

After he served his suspension, Holmes came back on October 6, 2010 for practice. He had his first game for that season on November 14, 2011 giving the Jets its victory against Cleveland Browns and another victory against Texans a week after.

Holmes already faced a lot of charges apart from substance abuse. He was charged for domestic violence in 2006. Holmes was also investigated for allegedly throwing a glass at a woman in Orlando nightclub in 2010 but the case was dropped. He also violated airline’s policy when he wouldn’t turn his Ipod even if the flight attendant tells him so.

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