Why Was Socrates Put to Death?

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Why Was Socrates Put to Death?

Socrates is a professor in Athens who refuses to receive payments for his teaching. He is a very determined person who stands for his principles until his last breath. He was been put on trial because of corrupting the Athens youth and for impiety.

Hence, despite of all of this Socrates still refused to renounce the way he lives his life. In a point of fact, Socrates principles are what put him to death. He use to question people who had a reputation of wisdom and that he came to realize that he was wiser compared to this people. His reason was that this people refuse to see and learn what he does not know either.

He keeps on questioning several factors such as religions, customs, and laws. This is a very explainable thing especially today, but in his time, it was unfortunately not especially that people way back then do have very strong beliefs. This was the main cause of his death.

Socrates was actually the first of the three famous Athenian Philosophers that involves Aristotle and Plato. He was born in Athens in 469 BC. This only implies that he lives in the era of the Athenian Empire and the Pericles. He is a very wise and bright philosopher who also feels the urge to think about almost everything that is around him.

This is what exactly puts him to death. There are things that he wanted to study and be expert about hence it will cause him to bypass other people’s faith. Plato is even one of his students who were not charged any amount in exchanged of his teachings.

Nonetheless, the Athenians get mad at him and charge him of not respecting their gods and of corrupting the young minds of children. Till then he faced a big trial in front of the Athenian Jury and was convicted of the charges and sentenced to death.

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