Why was South Carolina founded?

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Why was South Carolina founded?

South Carolina is a state in United States which is bordered in its south and west by Georgia, in its east by Atlantic Ocean and in north by North Carolina. During the American Revolution, the South Carolina province was declared as one of the thirteen colonies that became independent from the British. The name ‘South Carolina, was named by King of England, Charles II. He named this state as ‘Carolus’ in the remembrance of his father Charles I. Carolus is the Latin name for Charles. It was the primary state to join the Confederate States of America.

The Carolina colony was created by 8 people from royal family and almost all of them from Barbados. They were sent by King Charles II in order to form a proprietary colony. King Charles allowed them to settle in Carolina as they helped him earlier to ascend his throne. Most of the Carolina was occupied by Spain previously. The fight between Spanish and Native Americans made the people of Spain to return to Florida, Mexico, Cuba and South America. People came to Carolina to make settlements and make money by selling the land. As the lands were not sold very much in Carolina the proprietors reduced the land prices at some portions of the total land.

The development of Carolina started from then on. The development did not happen as such. Carolina was divided into two separate colonies called North and South Carolina. The division took place as the settlers in the region wanted to have political powers. Settlers in South Carolina snatched the power from the hands of the proprietors in 1719. In 1729, officially Carolina was separated into two royal territories called North Carolina and South Carolina. This state gradually grew from harbors and low level country to a very large state. Trading with deerskin, lumber and beef continued along with rice cultivation. There was further development in agriculture and Textiles. Later, on 15th of March in the year 1776, this colony became independent from Great Britain.

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    yeah… its so not realistic. the true story of south carolina was from my great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandpas friend from spain and he had a brother who had a friend who knew a guy and his dad new the principle of a religion that new a peasent who worked for a throne that worked for a king that could talk to king charles the first that past the story on too the charles the 2nd that made the colony


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