Why Was The Declaration Of Independence Written?

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Why Was The Declaration Of Independence Written?

The famous US politician Jefferson deserves the sole credit in view of the reason why the declaration of the US independence was written. He asserted that the reason and the underlying principle why the declaration of the US Independence was written, was not just for formality’s sake after the British colony gave in to the request of the American people to have their freedom from this said colonizers. Instead, the simple and noble reason why this has to be written was to make the entire mankind become aware of this vital logic and common sense through simple words for them to agree with it, own it, promote and if needed, fight for it.

Jefferson sent the said draft of the US Declaration of their Independence to the very English King George (III) the famous and good natured king and leader of England. In this draft, Jefferson claimed that the essence of independence lies in the fact that the people following a particular colonizer must give assent to their ruling, unless this is true, then independence emerges. This was what in fact happened in the case of the American people and this triggered Jefferson and his followers to call the attention of the British government led by King George III himself.

As per written in that said draft, the American people were asking politely the British government to free them from their ruling and make them separated from their colony, in short, to make them independent. As a people, they believed that they will only grow if they can be allowed to stand by their own. They begged the king to grant them their earnest request so that they will grow maturely as an independent people and nation. Finally, Jefferson emphasized the fact that as a people who aim for real progress and development, they need to think outside the minds and the leadership of any colonizer.

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