Why was UFO Hunters cancelled?

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Why was UFO Hunters cancelled?

UFO Hunters is a series aired in History Channel. UFO Hunters is one of the many American documentary television series that ran for three seasons since it first aired last 30th of January in 2008. Produced by Motion Picture Production Inc., the show was famous for its tagline ‘Hoax or History?,. Each season has 13 episodes with stories or cases that focus on encounters with UFOs. The series pictures a team of investigators who are experts of specific fields. The team was composed of a researcher and scuba diver, a mechanical engineer and an investigative biologist. In every episode, the team scrutinizes witnesses who had close encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects also known as UFOs. Aside from that, they take collectable evidences of these encounters and attempt to explain how these instances occur.

Many have found UFO Hunters interesting despite the fact that it is hard to believe that such incidents happen. But convincing as they are, many still find it odd and unreasonable that these kinds of shows have to be aired. After the four-hour marathon that History Channel aired last October of 2009. The airing of UFO Hunters was put to a final end. Some were glad that the show ended while others still question on why the show has to be stopped, when in fact, there was suppose to be a season 4 that many had been waiting for. History Channel explained that the rating of the show did not reach its set standard even at its first airing. They found to have slim chances of making high ratings if it were to be continued. So the management opted to cancel the expected season 4 of the UFO Hunters so as not to waste further time and money in producing the show.

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