Why Was Under God Added To The Pledge Of Allegiance?

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Why Was Under God Added To The Pledge Of Allegiance?

The phrase ‘under god, was not part of the original pledge of allegiance of the United States of America. Originally, this pledge of the USA was in fact a simple oath that is recited in honor of their national flag. As a consequence, most often than not, this pledge is usually said by pupils and students every before the start of their classes as part of the singing of the National Anthem.
Since the pledge is something which becomes a part of the daily routine of these American pupils and students and the fact that there are also Boy Scout members and other religious groups reciting it such as the Knights of Columbus, the need to revise it became necessary. Part of the revision was to include the phrase ‘under god, in the allegiance itself in order to have a dimension of the spiritual nature of the American people.

This addition of the phrase ‘under god, made the American people felt more closer to the divine whatever their individual religion maybe. In a way, it made them become more and more united as a people and as a nation. In fact, in moments of crisis such as a national calamity, war or famine, this recitation of the pledge makes them more closer with each other whether they belong from different state of the entire country.

‘Under god, undoubtedly connotes the assurance that if the going gets rough, they will be guided by God Himself. They believe that the addition of this phrase will eventually bring them more prosperity and countless blessings. As one united nation under God’s leadership, they will never fail in whatever plans and endeavors that they may have, after all who can be against God. In deed and in truth, the American people are after all, a deeply religious nation.

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