Why was Valley Forge important?

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Why was Valley Forge important?

Valley Forge is located in Pennsylvania. It is in this site where the story of the encampment of the Continental Army of the newly formed United States of America under the command of General George Washington took place and made a historical mark in the history of America. The encampment ran for six long months over the winter of 1777 to 1778. There was no battle between colonies that happened at this time but the battle on self-will, self-determination and survival was what the site, Valley Forge, represents until this time.

Valley Forge was and is still important because it is the mark of the victory of the struggles, hardships and battles for survival that is embedded in this place. It was during the American Revolutionary War that General George Washington led a troop of 12,000 soldiers 18 miles northwest of Pennsylvania against the winter’s rage to prepare for battle against the British Army. This was the beginning of the agony of the Continental Army. To fight against the cold winter, huts made of logs were built but these were not enough to protect them from acquiring diseases. Worsened by the shortage of food, they all had to endure the plague they were experiencing. However, support showed by the camp followers at Valley Forge and the families of the soldiers helped increased the soldiers’ determination, esteem and moral and motivated the them to go on. And after 6 months, the torment ended.

This significant event that happened at Valley Forge taught a lot of people the value of dedication, commitment and courage. Until today, it continues to impart valuable lessons of yearning a lifetime freedom. The existence of Valley Forge simply conveys that battles can be won not just through weapons but also through will.

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