Why was Vincent Jackson suspended?

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Why was Vincent Jackson suspended?

Vincent Jackson is a National Football League (NFL) player under the team of San Diego Chargers. Famous for his nickname, Action Jackson, he became one of the few selected players to play at Pro Bowl, an all-star game of NFL, last 2008. In addition to that he was able to make it to the top fifteen in the year 2008 and to the top ten in 2009. However, the start of his professional career was slow. He was frequently injured and became inactive for a couple of years but he was still able to play, although there were limitations. It was in September of 2006, in a game against Tennessee Titans, that he gained his name back through a victorious touchdown. It was then that his career bloomed and made winning streaks for the team.

At the height of his career, however, he made some wrong moves and awful runs. Last July 1, 2010, Vincent Jackson was announced to undergo a suspension period because of violating the National Football Leagues’ personal conduct policy. He was found to be driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs. Jackson already has two DUI arrests since 2006. Because of this, he will be punished through suspension from three games in the league. Although he can appeal to reduce the suspension, the ongoing contract dispute may make the situation complicated. Now on his sixth year in San Diego Chargers, he currently a restricted free agent because he still has not signed the contract tender intended for him. Because of this, he was placed under the Commissioner Exempt List. This list shows the number and reason for suspension.

Today, Vincent Jackson suffers the consequences of his actions by not being able to play for the first three games of the season.

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