Why was Weezy in jail?

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Rapper Li Wayne was arrested in 2007 based on the three felony drug charges. He was charged for the possession of dangerous drugs and narcotics, paraphernalia and the misconduct in using weapons. Li Wayne started a new website based on the time he spent in prison. The new website was named as ‘Weezy Thank You,. Weezy or Li Wayne was found guilty of gun charges made by him in the New York City. The police personnel said that they have found some unimportant and illegal drugs in his possession on the charter bus. He was found guilty in a bus at South Western Arizona. Li Wayne, who is also named as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., was kept in Yuma County Sheriff’s jail based on the drug charges.

The drug enforcement administration spokeswoman Ramona Sanchez reported that Border Patrol canine unit came to know about the possession of illegal drugs by the people in the bus. The search for the presence of illegal drugs revealed that they had marijuana, cocaine, Ecstacy and drug paraphernalia. The details of the quantity of each of the drugs available in the bus was 4 ounces of Marijuana, 41 grams of Ecstacy, one ounce of cocaine, resultant drug paraphernalia and DEA agents. After finding out all these drugs in the bus, they arrested Carter.

The officials also could trace a 0.40 capacity pistol which was already registered in the Carter’s name. Carter has concealed weapon permit into Florida. The police authorities are carefully examining whether Carter has gone against the law of weapons in Arizona. Previous to this incident, the federal lawsuit company has accused the Carter as well as the other rappers for using the songs or the works of other artists. The Carter was also accused of illegal use of the other artist’s songs without paying them the license fee for stealing the copyright.

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