Why Was World War 1 Fought?


Why Was World War 1 Fought?

According to historians of world events, the primary cause of the First World War was due to the succession of particular key events from one country to another that was akin to the so-called domino effect. This case of a specific thing leading to another was in fact the culprit of the start of the 1st world war. It broke particularly when Franz Ferdinand, the supposed to be Archduke of the Austro Hungarian kingship was assassinated in June 28, 1914 at the infamous place of Sarajevo. This specific event created turmoil and started the eruption of the 1st world war.

Series of events which was primarily connected with the assassination of the said archduke Ferdinand were mostly blown out of proportion. As a result, the world war became the one and only option. This event was frown at every time people look at history. They believe that the over reaction of those people before, mostly by the soldier leaders who are thirsty for power and recognition, was the cause of the 1st world war. It could have actually been prevented had it not been for the weapons that were used by each and every nation.

At first the 1st world war was fought out of sheer pride and show case of their artilleries and weaponry. Later on since the countries of the world had no more way out to retreat, they finally stood to engaging themselves into the horrors of a world war. Truly, in war, everyone is a loser. The many innocent victims in particular faced the most unforgivable misery of this world war. Those who fought the World War 1 for the sake of personal gain and national pride will surely be guilty wherever their souls maybe. They should have chosen the lesser evil of not engaging war with another country which resulted to this unfortunate world war.

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    World War Wha…? Stop with the fancy language and just spit out your meaning! Also, what’s an Archduke?


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