Why Was World War 2 Fought?

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Why Was World War 2 Fought?

Like its preceding world war 1, this 2nd world war was basically fought in order to tell and show the world that is the most powerful, the mightiest, and the best nation among the entire globe. This was what the infamous and rude ruler of all time, Adolf Hitler had implanted in the hearts and minds of the Nazi soldiers of Germany where he served as the worst leader of all time as well. Because of greed and twisted national pride, the Germans challenged first their neighbouring country to prove to themselves that they were the only superior nation on earth. Since the other nations did not wish to be outsmarted and outwitted by these false claims of the foolish Germans, they accepted the challenge and eventually ended up waging war with Germany.

It so happened that the Germans have allied nations for themselves. These were the countries who received help from the German soldiers in times of their crisis. As a result, these alliances with Germany created a greater effect and made other nations who saw injustice with the nations being attacked by the Germans and its alliances to join forces against these Germans. The result was indeed a chaotic world with lots of bombs falling from the sky.

Death was the only way out to solve the many unthinkable sufferings of so many innocent citizens from one nation to another. If they won’t die out of the tortures and torments caused by their enemies, they will either die out of starvation and lack of basic necessities. Indeed fighting for the 2nd world war was simply pointless in a way, simply because of the fact the no one will benefit from its consequences except the greedy armies and soldiers. Hence, fighting for the 2nd world war was but a product of peoples mind to lord it all over the earth which is but impossible to attain.

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