Why Was World War II Important?

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Why Was World War II Important?

In the minds and hearts of our great grandparents and other ancestors, they surely will agree to the statement that, no matter what, the lessons of World War II should always be alive in every generation. Primarily, in order to avoid future wars that may be triggered by any reason whatsoever. If we consider the World War II as something truly important, then we will surely benefit from its noble lessons that will become our stepping stone towards progress and development.

Indeed, the effects of the Second World War were horrific and miserable. Not to mention the millions of lives taken by weapons and other means of ending life such as Hitler’s infamous mass killing through gas chambers. Had it not been to the many hardworking historians preserving the horrors caused by this war through their literary works, we might end up having another war. Thanks to those valuable lessons written in cold blood from those millions of innocent victims, we for sure will become wise in not resorting to coming with another war once we will be in conflict with another nation.

The importance of the Second World War also lies in the obvious fact, that the world became more concerned and much caring with each other. The creation of various alliances of nation such as the United Nations and institutions focusing on the humanitarian side of society such as the World Bank and the like, made this war quite essential to look into. Perhaps without this war, the world will remain insensitive and cold to the needs of their fellow nation. The nations of the world will become more and more selfish if it was not for the consequences of the World War II. Truly, the World War II has some beneficial effects that the world will enjoy forever.

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