Why was Yahoo created?

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Why was yahoo created?

Yahoo! started as a website named ‘Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web,. It was built by Stanford graduate students David Filo and Jerry Yang, both taking up Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Their purpose of building the website is to organize all the websites found in the net. Their personal intention is to save and follow useful websites.

‘Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web, is a directory of other websites which are arranged in hierarchy not in alphabetical order. This means the more popular and searchable sites are found at the top of the list.

At first, it was only created for their personal use but people began to discover their site. Internet users accessed their guide and this made ‘Jerry’s, a significant search engine having lots of loyal users. Since its name is too long to remember, the founders changed it to Yahoo! in 1994. This name as acronym of Yet Another Hierarchal Officious Oracle. The name had an exclamation mark at the end because yahoo was already a trademark of knives, watercraft, and barbecue sauce.

The popularity of Yahoo! Became unstoppable and this made the founders realized its business potential. They opened the site to the public and had raised $33.8 million. Yahoo! then expanded into a web portal that offers link pages, emails, and other information from diverse sources. Having developed Yahoo! into a web portal had been a strategy to let the internet users take much time staying at the website and also to expand the range of services of Yahoo! giving them more income in their business.

With the continuing success of Yahoo! a lot of search engines had emerged such as Google, Mozilla, etc. The closely-knit Internet community of Yahoo! was given various choices. But what is so significant about Yahoo! is its purpose in creating a search engine that can handle large directories of organized and speedy information.

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