Why Was Zeus Angry With Prometheus?

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Why Was Zeus Angry With Prometheus?

After the Great War between the young Gods and the Titans took place, the land became peaceful once again. The Titans were banished from the land and was imprisoned on Tartarus. Prometheus and his brother Epimetheus were spared by the gods because they didn’t participate on the war.

Prometheus was then assigned the task of forming men and Epimetheus created the animals. Prometheus gave men the appearance of the gods and wanted them to live as the greatest creations of all time. The Gods then assigned Epimetheus to grant men the qualities that they will need to survive. Unfortunately Epimetheus had given all the qualities to the animals in the world. The beasts were given claws, furs and sharp teeth to help them survive. Men were left with nothing and they stayed in hiding in order to live.

Prometheus wanted man to live and stole fire from the gods and gave them as a gift to men. Zeus was angered with the actions of Prometheus and then ordered men to give offerings to him. Zeus wanted to have the best in everything that man will consume, but he was tricked by Prometheus once again. Prometheus asked the people to make two offerings and one of them was made to deceive Zeus. Zeus picked the wrong offering and was forced to abide by his word. Men sacrificed the bones to the Gods and took the meat for themselves.

Prometheus had a vision and was shown that one of the children of Zeus will dethrone him. Zeus demanded that he gave him the answer. Prometheus refused and he was imprisoned on the Caucasus Mountains. He was then set free by the sacrifice of Chiron (The Centaur) and his chains were broken by Heracles. Men loved Prometheus because of what he has done for them and he was worshiped like a god.

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