Why xbox360 is better than PS3

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Why Xbox 360 is better than PS3?

Xbox360 and PS3 are video game devices that allow game players to compete online, watch TV shows, and possess all multimedia capabilities.

Xbox360 can run game demos and movies also. Xbox360 can be controlled by wireless controllers. Xbox360 can allow you to access third party media in US and UK. Xbox360 is a Microsoft product while PS3 is a product of Sony computer entertainment. The random access memory capacity of Xbox360 is 512MB of GDDR3 RAM. This kind of RAM is capable to read and write fast while PS3 has 256MB of XDR DRAM and some more video memory. The GDDR3 interface transfers higher bit data per clock cycle when compared to that of XDR DRAM. Regarding the speed PS3 was found to be good for watching movies but not for playing games on internet. To take away data from Blu-ray drive in PS3 is very much longer than that of taking it away from Xbox360 DVD.

The fill rate on the PS3 is very slow compared to that of in Xbox360 and hence games in PS3 have to run at lower resolution or use normal shading effects. Fill rate is the number of pixels the video card writes to video memory in a second. This means that a normal picture takes longer time to get filled in video memory than it does in Xbox360. Xbox360 was found to have better lighting on picture than PS3. There is also a talk about PS3 that recently Sony has introduced a ‘root-kit technology, that will allow this system console to have remote access in the internet. This has already made certain dreadful viruses to get transferred into normal working systems. Xbox360 Arcade is known for running LIVE games and most of the connected consoles all over the world can download and play LIVE Xbox360 Arcade games. There has been about 1.2 billion game sessions hosted in Xbox LIVE since its launch and it is accepted widely.

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