Why you should go to college?

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Why you should go to college?

Education is considered to be our ticket to our future. It is the main key to open our doors to a wide range of opportunities the world can offer. Though it is true that one can never get enough information and lessons learned from life itself, it is best that we get documented proof of our study progress from grade school to high school, and eventually college.

Some may wonder why we even have to go through college when high school education is enough to land us a decent job. There are many benefits of advancing your way to college, and it is only right to know them well before deciding whether you should give it a go or not.

College is your first step to independence. As this is the first time you live away from the comforts of your home, and away from the loving care of your family; you learn how to tend your own, decide on your own, and stand your own ground.

College education will help you prepare for a brighter future whether you choose to work for the corporate world or technical fields. Whatever career you choose, after you receive your degree, you know that you have higher chances of landing a better paying job.

A degree in college is also like your comfort zone and strength, especially during times of crisis. It serves as your passport to companies that you apply for, even if you choose to relocate to another country.

It will definitely add to your market value, and will give you the confidence to carry on. It is a very good example to your future family and kids as well. Once they know their parents are degree holders, and they enjoy the good life you provide them, it will encourage and motivate them to go to college like you did.

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