Why Zoos are good for Animals?

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Why Zoos are good for Animals?

Zoos have been the house of entertainment and site of fascination for human beings. It would be good for the wild animals also to be kept in a zoo to protect them from environmental dangers. Zoos are helpful to the animals which do not have proper habitats to survive and those which do not find proper food for their survival. Some baby animals which are left alone without any parental care are also taken into zoos. The animals which are injured are also taken into zoo and treated well. They are made to continue in the zoo if they are no longer able to withstand the forces in the jungle.

Most of the famous zoos are arranged for the welfare of the endangered animals. For those animals which are on the verge of extinction are mostly considered to be protected by the major zoos. The zoos are good to store the animals which have undergone breeding with genetically rich animals. The animals that are going to become extinct are used to improve their race by breeding in the zoos. In Zoos animals are bred taken from various genetic pools and in turn sustain the species that are under extinction. Some places like San Diego zoo has a research team which do field studies as well as laboratory studies to look after the health of animals that are staying in the zoo since a long time.

Zoos are good for animals as they can be used to maintain the conserved species, to share the genetic resources in order to conserve the species. Zoos are helpful to save the wild animal from getting endangered which is a wise step towards restoration of ecosystem. Of course not all the zoos have the facilities to work on restoring the genetic pools. Most of the zoos aid in protecting the injured animals and endangered animals.

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