Women Work to Cheat

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800px-georges_de_la_tour_-_cheater_with_the_ace_of_diamonds_-_wga12334There’s a classic joke about a boy with magical powers who wishes his father dead. After suffering regret all day at school, he arrives home to a weeping mother. Fearing the worst, the boy asks his mother what’s happened. Face streaming with tears, the mother turns to her son and says the milkman has died.

Funny as it may be, the joke no longer holds true. Victoria Milan, a company which facilitates online affairs, recently surveyed over 3,000 of their female clients regarding their first affair. A staggering 38% of respondents indicated they first cheated with a co-worker or boss. Furthermore, over one in four women said their first fantasies of cheating dealt with workplace paramours.

The data didn’t surprise Victoria Milan founder and CEO Sigurd Vedal. “We all have felt attracted to someone at work,” Vedal said. “The secretary or the boss… the office party, these are classic sexual fantasies.” This cultural taboo of workplace sex is precisely the reason, Milan says, offices often serve as setting for extramarital passions.

Workplace flings found more popularity than the next two responses combined. 18% of women first cheated with strangers while out on the town and 16% first found infidelity through online flirting.

Further erasing our mailman joke, only 3% of women said they first cheated with a neighbor. Additionally, only 2% said neighbors—such as our milkman—inspired lustful thoughts. Victoria Milan’s survey indicates today’s women know better than to have affairs with those near their homes.

Comedians will have to adjust for increasing opportunities for women. Perhaps today’s guilt-wracked magical boy will rush home to hear his mother bemoan the loss not of the milkman, but of Chet from Accounts Receivable.

Author: Aaron G

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