Yellow Clothes are a Date Killer

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Yellow Clothes are a Date Killer

Clothes may not make the man, but the color of clothes can make (or break) a relationship. A study delving into clothing color and perception between males and females suggests wearing certain colors can derail a first date before it even begins.

The UK’s Daily Mail, though not the primary name in social science publications, published a poll of over 2,000 men and women in the UK regarding clothing color preferences. The survey data showed men and women feel more attracted to dates wearing red. They found the colors yellow and brown to be the least attractive. An amazing 92 percent remember exactly what their current significant other wore on their first date.

Furthermore, 69 percent of men and 64 percent of women indicated the color of their dates’ clothing impacted how attracted they initially felt. Around one in three admitted that, had their partner been wearing ugly colors on the first date, they would have been put off and perhaps abandoned the date.

While yellow and brown the primary color offenders, the data provides even more challenges for men. Women respondents indicated men wearing pink or grey were also seen as less attractive.

George Charles from, the company which commissioned the research says the survey goes beyond mere colors. “It may well be considered fickle to base the odds of a second date with someone on the color they choose to wear upon an initial meeting, the fact is that we make our primary assessments of potential partners extremely quickly.”

It should be noted that directly after their survey results, the Daily Mail showed a number of click-through ads for “desirable” red clothing for women. Sources aside, the numbers don’t lie. Avoid yellow on the first date if you’d like a second.

Author: Keith G

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