Why do swiss guards guard the Vatican?

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Why do swiss guards guard the Vatican?

Ever since the 15th century, swiss guards are known to be the bodyguards, ceremonial guards, and palace guards at foreign European courts. As the name to Swiss soldiers, Swiss guards have originated during the Renaissance period, which made them highly involved in many various genuine military campaigns. The Swiss mercenaries were the earliest identified Swiss guards, who were accounted to have assisted Pope Julius II. As it remains to exist, various units have been created. One of which is the Papal Swiss Guard now in the Vatican City State, which was founded in 1506 and is still in service until this point in time.

In seeking for eligibility, it is vital that one must be practicing a Catholic faith and must have completed one’s compulsory service in the military. Thus, they obtain a high reputation for discipline, and loyalty to their employers. Their outfits, designed over many centuries ago, are still worn today. In the accounts of history, Swiss guards guard the Vatican to ensure the city’s safety, as it is the center of the Catholic Church where proclaimed popes reside. Besides guarding the entire city of Vatican and the most prominent religious leader of the Catholic faith, the pope, Swiss guards nowadays have only become part of ceremonial events. As the city’s own security force, the Swiss guards are responsible for maintaining the safetyof its people, especially the Pope. More so, guards have the responsibility of regulating and controlling the entrances of museums and large public establishments, where the city’s peace, order and safety status are at high riskfor threats.

Being a Swiss guard is not an easy job. Along with the needed requirements, the dignity, respect and values must be well maintained by those who aspire to be one.

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